Patient Partner

What is Patient Partner

This is a service designed for patients to make appointments anytime of day or night every day. You require a touch tone telephone.

What the Practice needs to know?

Your correct date of birth and your current telephone number from which you are likely to call the surgery.

How to operate it

You need to telephone the surgery in the same way as always using the 01621-876760 number - you do not need to phone at 8am. It is far better to telephone before 8am.

Listen carefully to the messages. The operator will tell you to press 1 for appointments.

When you do this a second option will be given. This will be to press 1 for the automated service or 2 to speak to a receptionist.

If you press 1 the system will ask for your date of birth. This needs to be inserted in the following way:
Example: 01011972 if you were born on the 1st January 1972

It will then ask for your phone number
Example: 842409*

Once the system has verified your details it will then give further options:
For Maldon Surgery press 1
For Heybridge Surgery press 2

Press 1 to book an appointment
Press 2 to check, cancel or change an existing appointment

Press 1 for the first available appointment with any doctor.

Press 2 for a male doctor
Press 1 for any male doctor
Press 2 for Dr Roper
Press 3 for Dr Haeger
Press 4 for Dr Teatino
Press 5 for Dr Geranmayeh
Press 6 for Dr Wright

Press 3 for a female doctor
Press 1 for any female doctor
Press 2 for Dr Cargill
Press 3 for Dr Lim

When you have decided which doctor you wish to see, the system will find an available appointment for you.

When you have decided on an appointment, press the 0 to accept it.